Friday, July 03, 2009

I Told You He Was Hardcore

Randy Wolf signs an autograph during Wednesday's Loney's Lounge event.

From my Game 79 vs. Rockies, July 1: Post-Game Quotes post:

Randy Wolf was wearing another Star Wars T-shirt after the game. The Force is strong with this one.

photo by Juan Ocampo/Dodgers


Unknown said...

Signing with his right hand? Werid.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Good obs, Ali, except it might just be his right-handed twin brother, Rickey.

Erin said...

Listen, I know I'm not a Star Wars freak like you guys, but I'm a little concerned for Wolf. It's almost like he doesn't own any other type of clothing. He might need a fashion intervention.

But I guess these shirts are better than the alternative.

rbnlaw said...

"You don't want Manny's autograph."
We don't want Manny's autograph.
"Randy Wolf is waaay cooler."
Randy Wolf is waaay cooler.
"You should tell all your friends how cool he is."
We should tell all our friends how cool he is.
"Go about your business. Move along."
We'll go about our business. Move along.

karina said...

I love Wolf's shirt, i suspect it depicts Darth Vader.

Erin, Master Ran-Dee (©Rbnlaw) could do way worse than Star Wars shirts, besides we could give him a free pass, his hair and beard look immaculate.

Guest Fashion Police comment.