Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Game Over for Actavision

"You're fired!"

Remember when Bob Melvin got fired? At that time, Karl Ravech at ESPN.com theorized that Joe Girardi of the Yankees, Jerry Manuel of the Mets, Bud Black of the Padres or Eric Wedge of the Indians could get axed next.

But the managerial firing muse (Euterpe is her name) follows the suggestion of no man. Instead she touched down in Colorado, causing the Rockies to fire Clint Hurdle. And apparently she's spending the All-Star break in D.C., where the Nationals just fired Manny Acta.

Unfortunately, we can't place Euterpe's latest work on the Big Blue Hit List, since the Dodgers have only split two with the Nationals this season. But that doesn't mean there won't be more opportunities for managers to get fired in the Dodgers' wake this season. Don't stop believin'.