Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vin Scully, on the Unexpected

Vin Scully, after a botched hit-and-run attempt with Matt Kemp at the plate:

It reminds me of a game where the Dodgers brought in a pitcher — this is a true story. I don't want to mention the pitcher's name.

Bases loaded, two out. A fellow named George Crowe, who was a great hitter, up there for Cincinnati as a pitch hitter. The Dodger pitcher threw a pitch and Crowe hit it a hundred and seven miles foul.

And the catcher went out and said to him, "Stanley, what was that pitch?"

And the pitcher said, "It's my screwball."

And the catcher said, "Stanley, you don't have a screwball."

And the pitcher said, "I know. I figured he wouldn't be looking for it."

I never forgot that, and in watching the Dodgers run with Matt Kemp, I figured Joe [Torre] thought, Well, the Padres won't be looking for it.

Was the pitcher perhaps Stan Williams?


Steve Sax said...

For the record, I don't know if it was Kemp at the plate which was the problem, or Blake breaking very late from second base to get thrown out at third by Henry Blanco, Padres backup catcher.