Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Post-Game 61 Thread: Unforgiven


Hampered by umpire Jim Reynolds' unforgiving strike zone, Clayton Kershaw struggled early and often, ultimately suffering the ignominy of being pulled mid-count by Joe Torre in the third inning. Kevin Correia and the Padres relievers were impressive in shutting down the Dodger bats after a one-run first.

The bright side for the Dodgers? Another 6 2/3 innings of scoreless relief by the bullpen. Jeff Weaver, Cory Wade, Ronald Belisario and Ramon Troncoso continue to impress.

Travel day tomorrow (PCS alert!) as the Dodgers head to Texas for some weekend interleague action against the Rangers. Well, at least the Lakers are playing tomorrow.


NicJ said...

hmmm, given that we play terrible against the AL, i wouldn't be surprised if that losing june streak continues. It IS the AL West so there is a glimmer of hope.

Orel said...

Andruw Jones will probably hit a bunch of home runs against us.

NicJ said...

ugh, i forgot about that. Just bean him everytime.
Actually i think they have Padilla pitching on friday and he is known for throwing at guys, so we may have to throw at someone anyways.

Fred's Brim said...

i am glad i couldn't stay up until the end of this one. I am getting frustrated with our patience at the plate. Somebody mentioned our walks are way down these last couple of weeks. Rallies are tough to come by when you have to string together 4-5 hits. and we can't be counting on 4 homerun games

I am guessing the league has adjusted a little to the first several weeks of us scoring runs like crazy. I am sure somebody said that we take a lot of pitches so throw strikes. I am guessing we've been 0-1 in counts a lot more than we've been 1-0 the past few