Monday, June 08, 2009

Mutual Observation Society

Joe Torre, on Phil Jackson:

"I think it's a lot more difficult (to coach) in his sport," Torre said. "It's all about people and having them pull in the same direction. It's so easy to highlight individual achievement in (basketball). A coach kind of cringes when you highlight individuals like that." [...]

So while the two men share people skills, Torre said Jackson's "people" can be more challenging.

"You get a lot of guys (in basketball) who know they're special at an early age," Torre said.

Phil Jackson, on Joe Torre:

"Jerry Reinsdorf always used to say, well, [coaching basketball is] probably more difficult than coaching baseball because you've always got to make a move. Every single move is another chess situation for you," said Jackson, referring to the Chicago White Sox owner as well as his former boss with the Bulls.

No disrespect to Joe Torre of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the all other baseball managers out there.

"I definitely follow the major sports' championships, and I think that Joe's low-key manner is something [similar] to what I have. He seems to be able to take everything in hand, [and to] handle the players' personalities I think is a big part of that," Jackson said.

Matt Kemp, on Trevor Ariza:

"Three years ago Trevor and I met and since then it's been all love," Kemp said. "We text as much as we can. When I do something good, he'll text me, and when he does something good, I'll text him. I like to see him do good. This is his breakout year. He's an athlete.

"He can do everything. He plays defense. He's good on offense. He's growing this year, and I'm growing this year. I'm growing in baseball, and he's growing in basketball." [...]

"It's special," Kemp said. "Me and him are in the same boat. We're the same age in the big city trying to do big things. He's trying to win an NBA championship, and I'm trying to win a World Series."

Trevor Ariza, on Matt Kemp:

"Matt, that's my boy," Ariza said. "Since he got here and I got here, we've been hanging out heavy. We root for each other. We want to see each other do well. He texted me after we won in Denver and closed the series. He called me and told me to bring the ring home.

"If they keep doing what they're doing, we'll be watching them too."


Torre photo by Wally Skalij/LA Times; Ariza photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images


rbnlaw said...

Sounds like a bromance to me. Kemp and Ariza out on the town? Lookout ladies.

Unknown said...

I would hope Ariza picks up the tab, given how much more money he makes.