Friday, June 05, 2009

Post-Game 57 Thread: Doubling with 'Dre

Andre Ethier hits his game-winning double.

Raise your hand if you're sure...the Dodgers just scored another walk-off victory!

No, you the man!


Andre couldn't wait to do his post-game push-ups.

"You've made me an offer I can't refuse."


Ethier gets a shaving-cream pie to the face. Hmmm, that's not going to come out.


"The pressure's on them right there. You've got to go up there with the mentality 'Why not me?' right there and just have fun, and that's what I did."
—Andre Ethier

It was 80's Night, all right. The Bangles sang the national anthem, they played 80's music between innings (thanks, Delino!) and Jamie "Mr. Softee" Moyer's fastball topped off in the low 80's. But that didn't help the Dodger bats, who managed only four hits and two runs off him. Moy mal.

Eric Milton pitched decently but continued the trend of Dodger pitchers not going deep enough into games, with the bullpen — Guillermo Mota, Brent Leach, Ramon Troncoso and winner Jonathan Broxton — picking up the slack. Orlando Hudson and Matt Kemp also made impressive run-saving defensive plays.

And then it all came together in the bottom of the ninth against Brad Lidge: Furcal K. O-Dog ground out. Beard single. Loney walk. A Pedro Feliz error on a hard-hit grounder by Martin loaded the bases. And then, (above).

photos 1, 4 & 5 by Mark J. Terrill/AP


rbnlaw said...

The best comeback I've listened to since Hector was knee high to a pup.

Everyone must be watching Matlock already. Dang it.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Can't believe I missed this comeback. Out for the night. Kept checking the updates on the Blackberry. 3-2 turned to 4-3 in a snap.

Let's score a bunch early tomorrow and win a laugher.

Josh S. said...

I missed the game for a party (which was great, so no worries). But, like Neeebs, I kept checking (and yelling at) my phone. Watching the ninth on DVR now.

NicJ said...

torre patting 'dre on the cheek at the end of the game was so damn cute.

Aggravating game, but i loved the outcome.

karina said...

A win is a win and this was an exciting one, because most people was frustrated with the silence of Dodgers' bats. Besides, Ethier seems to be improving and those are the best news.

Steve Sax said...

Karina, you're absolutely right, this is huge for Andre and could help him get back on the rails.

Awesome screen grabs Orel, thank you. You watched a much more exciting game than I did last night!

Fred's Brim said...

i like the first pic - you can see in the background that Matty knew the game was over!