Tuesday, June 16, 2009

'He's dumb like a fox'

James Loney signs autographs in Arlington as the blonde to the left tries to bore a hole in his skull with her eyes.

From "Dodgers first baseman James Loney is a cool customer," a fine profile of James Loney by Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times:

"We joke that there should be a James Loney cam," Martin says. "Just on him, all the time."

"Crazy legs and crazy eyes," Wolf says. "He's like a baby giraffe."

That led to Loney being nicknamed "Geoffrey" after the Toys R Us mascot.

Loney is fine with that. If what he does gets people to smile and laugh, he says, great.

"I'd rather see people smile than frown," Loney says.

Thanks to Hernandez's piece, we learn that Loney's endearing oddness is part of what makes this Dodgers team so likable — and good. This is exactly the kind of article I'd like to see more of as the season progresses.

photo by Jon SooHoo/Dodgers


Steve Sax said...

I'm sure glad James Loney's fortunes are better and more promising than Toys R Us'.

MR.F said...

Geoffrey. Not bad.

rbnlaw said...


Josh S. said...

Dodger Stadium is turning into quite the petting zoo: The Bison, The Ox, The (O)Dog, and the Baby Giraffe. (Along with whatever beast BEAST MODE is.)

Steve Sax said...

Josh S, nice observation...we may riff on that.

Would that make Torre the zookeeper? Noah?

Steve Sax said...

Ace Ventura?

karina said...

Noah and Ace Ventura are great options, however i consider Noah more suitable for Torre's serious character.

I think debating what kind of beast Juan Pierre is could be a good idea for a poll or survey.

karina said...

Also, King Geoffrey and/or King Geoff have a certain ring to it!. Glad one of my favorite baseball players nowadays is not as numb as professional ballplayers are often portrayed.

rbnlaw said...

In other news, the Nats are going to be stacked by 2011:

rbnlaw said...

OK, so I'm bored as hell at work.
Last week, whilst the Padres were in town, I posed the question of a Pod blog following the game ala SoSG.
I found the answer to my question in Gas Lamp Baseball. Like the Pods, it's cute and mostly harmless. There is one post about how awful Dodger Stadium and Dodger(s) fans are. Humorous, but barely.
Read more like a the rantings of the girl who was runner-up to the prom queen calling the winner's dress "slutty."
I'd link to it, but you can find it at Big League Stew.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

I'd call Torre the Animal Trainer, because he has to get all the animals to perform baseball tricks for him.

Josh S. said...

I almost forgot about the (Man)Ram!