Monday, June 29, 2009

Game 77 Thread: June 29 vs. Rockies, 7p


Randy Wolf (3-3, 3.64) vs. Ubaldo Jimenez (6-7, 3.83).


Greetings, Dodger fans.

Remember me? I was top dog in the Dodger dugout four years ago, but Paul DePo basically gave me the heave-ho. I know he's history, but that whole situation still chaps my buns. Managing the Pirates was no cakewalk either, but now I'm back in the NL West, baby! And we're hotter than Satan's BBQ. We've won 20 of our last 23. You've lost four of your last five. Mo's on our side! Oh, and we miss Manny by one day. Jim Tracy's revenge on the Dodgers was a long time coming, but it'll be sweet. Enjoy eating our oysters!

Jim Tracy

photo by Ron Chenoy/US Presswire


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karina said...

To tell the truth, i haven't seen much Chilean cinema. Most of the Latin american cinema i've watched is Argentinean, Mexican and Venezuelan, obviously.

However, there's this one chilean film, "Coronacion", which is one of my favorites EVER, it's a heartbreaking, contemporary gothic tale of old and impossible love:

Go Dodgers! the honor is all yours, amigo Neeebs.

karina said...

Nicely made, Mr. LA Sports fan.

Neeebs said...


Well done, lurking in the forest.

I hereby deem this thread officially closed.


Steve Sax said...

Hey Neeebs, what were you doing in Nashville?

(officially re-opened!)

Neeebs said...


I go back there every year for the Alex LeVasseur Festival.

Alex was my nephew. His father (my brother in law) is a Country singer/songwriter. My sister and he host the festival every June for the past three years.

Ironically, he bro in law co-wrote the song "My Town" that the Dodgers use as their promo this year. When I heard it played the first week of the season, I called him and asked if he was getting royalties for the promo. He said that no one contacted him for permission or for royalties.

Needless to say he and the Dodgers have been in talks regarding compensation. Funny back story.

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