Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bravo, Eric Stephen

With the Dodgers in the midst of a 15-game stretch of interleague games (three apiece versus the Rangers, A's, Angels, White Sox and Mariners), media from other markets are hungry for fresh Dodgers info. And like Barry Zito against the Angels last night, Eric Stephen of True Blue LA is serving it up.

Last week Stephen conducted an interview with the Dallas Morning News' Rangers blog, but it's his latest one-on-one, with the A's blog Athletics Nation, that's truly inspired. You'll have to read the interview to get the whole effect, but let's just say the interviewer speaks of "a certain former Dodger whose name we are not allowed to mention"...and Stephen makes more references to 1988 than a VH1 marathon. Kudos to both for having a sense of humor about it all.


fanerman said...


QuadSevens said...

That's awesome! Love the comments from 67M that are in parenthesis.

rbnlaw said...

Least I remind you all of the best highlight of the 1974 Series:
Joe Ferguson cuts off Jimmy Wynn on a deep fly-out and throws a 400 foot strike to Steve Yeager to nail Sal Bando at the plate.

rbnlaw said...

BTW, Good work ES. I didn't even know the A's had a blog (just as I didn't know the Pods had one, go figure).

Looked up the starters for tomorrow in the NFLA Angels/Hated Ones match-up. NFLA gets a crack at Timmah. Here's hoping they can break through on Le Freak.

Eric Stephen said...

Haha, thanks! He emailed me a bunch of questions and the one that stood out was about the player "who shall not be named," so I figured I'd try to mix in as many Gibson references as possible.

Marquez over at Athletics Nation was really cool about it, too.

Neeebs said...

ES: Great job, great banter.