Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bleacher Beach MVPs: Pretty Lifeguards

Hitting the beach at Chavez Ravine: bring sunscreen and an appetite (Chris Erskine, LA Times)

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photo: LA Times


franciscomania said...

might as well do something for the fans in the nosebleed seats.

rbnlaw said...

Someone reported that Bleacher Beach was desolate during the last Sunday game. True?

berkowit28 said...

Desolate? They were upset the Dodgers won? Didn't win by more runs?

fanerman said...

According to Meriam-Webster, desolate can mean both "devoid of inhabitants" and "joyless, disconsolate, and sorrowful."

rbnlaw said...

"Devoid of inhabitants."

From the game thread that day someone reported that Bleacher Beach was "empty." Probably an overstatement, but you get the meaning.

Sunday night games are not as popular anyway.

Mama said...

I was at that game. It wasn't completely 'devoid of inhabitants' and there were considerably more people in that section than you would normally expect but it wasn't packed by any means. The tickets are pretty expensive for how shitty they are.