Sunday, July 06, 2014

Post-Game 91 Thread: Dodgers Rock Stupid Sexy Flande(rs)


The Dodgers made like Homer Simpson and hated on Yohan "Ned" Flande(rs) today, touching Neddie up for five runs in a fifth inning that was bookended by at-bats by Josh Beckett, who led off with a double. Following that were, in no particular order, two walks, four singles and a HBP.

Beckett pitched effectively if not particularly deep into the game, requiring four relievers to finish up after that big fifth. In the end it was AGon leading the way with three RBI and Kemp with two. Over the four-game series in Denver, the Dodgers outscored the Rockies 27-12.

Off-day tomorrow, then the Dodgers fly to Detroit for a weird two-game set against the Tigers, who are just trotting out Verlander and Scherzer. Let's enjoy first place while we can.


Steve Sax said...

Giants @ As tomorrow, 7p. Vogelsong vs Chavez. So anything could happen...