Friday, June 01, 2012

You Know I Had to Write About This...

This has been a pretty solid sports year for the DelinO. Matt Barkley decides to come back to SC. The Dodgers (until recently) have been whooping ass and giving out top notch chachkies

Flyers beats the Pens. Sixers take the Celtics to seven. A certain football team I live and die for wins a certain big game in front of me.

And then tonight - the moment I didn't think even my kids would ever get to see. A Mets no-hitter.

A moment I almost missed, since my AT BAT 12 App decided that I didn't deserve to listen to history. I couldn't pick up any of the audio feeds. To say I was enraged barely covers it. Just ask my kids, who learned all sorts of new colorful words as I desperately tried to hear the game.

Finally, I parked (horribly) by BIG WANGS and rushed inside with my three year old.

The bouncer or host - not sure what he was doing exactly - seemed underwhelmed by my desperate desire to watch the ninth inning. "I'll get to it. Just hold on." Then he went back to staring at the wall. I explained that in five minutes, I might as well watch that wall with him. Thankfully, all the a-hole Yanks fan had their game usurped by the Mutts.

Finally, the moment of truth. "I have to go potty!" (My son said that, not the bouncer. Though I'm sure he needed to as well) It was one of those horrible moments of parenthood. What mattered more: witnessing a no-hitter, or having my kid wear a potato sack the rest of the night. Thankfully, the Lady DeShields arrived in the nick of time... just as the winds of change swept in.

My mind went back in time, to a lovely August day in 2005. A younger, pre-reproduction DelinO watched another potential Mets no-hitter disappear in the eighth. Oh Pedro... you f'ing little person loving head case.

And we're back. With my lovely wife and potty trained elder son in the bathroom, my one year old (did I mention it's a bar) and myself screamed with GLEE as Johan's 133 pitch proved to be the final nail. The crowd went wild. That is, the crowd of only me and my toddler. The rest of the bar stared at us with a mixture of confusion, fear and a hint of hate.

But F them. A 50 year old curse is gone. The shock spread to the MLB network, which forgot how to string together a sentence.

To the random fan, who enjoyed an old school pummeling after he stormed the field.

To Yadier Molina, who took eyebrow waxing tips from the cast of Twilight.

And best of all, both kids fell asleep by nine. Why not? They only had to wait a few years for this moment. While their old man waited decades.

Now who can get me some Stanley Cup tix for a little over Face?


Spank LeBum said...

Any post with a pic of Rodney deserves a thumbs up. No offense.

Steve Sax said...

The poor Padres.

Neeebs * said...

If you can get Stanley Cup tix in lower bowl for $500, contact me stat!

Neeebs * said...

If you can get Stanley Cup tix in lower bowl for $500, contact me stat!

DodgersKingsoftheGalaxy said...

"Flyers beats the Pens. Sixers take the Celtics to seven."?? Celtics and Heat are still in it, don't get the first one.

DelinO said...

Flyers and sixers had legit seasons. Celtics can kiss my tuchas...just glad to see the sixers last in the playoffs for once