Friday, June 15, 2012

Kirk Gibson Not Fist-Pumping At Son's Graduation

Kirk Gibson has always been described as "gritty". I didn't realize how much, however, until I realized that he is choosing to manage his team rather than attend his son's graduation:

Kirk Gibson appeared to have a choice to make Thursday - manage the Arizona Diamondbacks' game against the Texas Rangers, or attend his son Cameron's high school graduation.

Apparently, the choice wasn't that hard at all.

"You're supposed to graduate," Gibson said, according to The Associated Press. "His mom and the rest of his family will be there. He's coming to see me next week."

Well, OK.

Gibson stayed back in Arlington, Texas as his D'backs defeated the Rangers 11-3. [...]

Had he attended, Gibson surely would have had precedent on his side. Mike Scioscia, the longtime manager of the Los Angeles Angels, skipped a game last year to attend son Matt's commencement and Dale Sveum, Chicago Cubs manager, missed one game last month to attend his son's graduation.

Gibson and son may share a professional relationship. The D''backs drafted Cameron in the 38th round, though, like Dad, he figures to attend Michigan State.

"He's worked hard," Gibson told the Arizona Republic on draft day. "He continues to work hard. I try to encourage him, if he has a dream, to try to realize that dream. There's no pressure from me. If he needs help and wants me to help him in any way, he knows I always support any of my kids."

There will never be another game 63 in the 162-game 2012 baseball season. Gibson's son, on the other hand, can always go to graduate school.


Dusty Baker said...

I love it! "He's supposed to graduate." Exactly.

Stop pampering these damn kids. They're not special!

Greg Hao said...

Exactly@Dusty. The kid's graduating from high school. It's not like he's getting his PhD or some shit.

Or if the kid is like 9 and graduating high school but otherwise, wtf?

Steve Sax said...

Gibson can always watch the condensed graduation highlights on at bat

MR.F said...

Yeah, kids are supposed to graduate from high school, but I showing up to their graduation isn't pampering them either.

DodgersKingsoftheGalaxy said...

OMG yes! Right about now you see this graduation stuff, i even saw an airplane with a banner saying "Congrats so and so" and i'm like "You're supposed to graduate from HS, save your money for something more important" My parents made a big deal out of it too and it was annoying

Greg Hao said...

@mr f - i think for me, it's just a non-issue. Ya, would be great if Gibson could show up for the high school graduation but it's not an occasion that is all that important in the grand scheme of things.

MR.F said...

I can agree with that, Greg No Photo. I just didn't want Kirk's decision into a debate on how much kids these days are pampered.

Also, I'm in town to attend graduation/graduation parties for 2 high school cousins and 1 college cousin.

Dusty Baker said...

You're pampering those cousins, Mr F! Come on, man. #ToughLove

Steve Sax said...

(Mr F decides to skip the graduation(s) and go to the game instead)