Friday, June 15, 2012

PCS 5.5 Solution

Greetings PCSers! Although I should have posted this earlier, better late than never! Yesterday's PCS required you to track items all across the Norwegian city of Trondheim on the trail of our ursine vandals. For the first step, you needed to match the stolen item to the right hotel employee. Both the items and the staff had names of a different pattern and number of letters. By matching the patterns, you could put the correct pairs together.

  • Lars -- GAME
  • Agnar -- ATLAS
  • Lillen -- LOCKET
  • Dagfinn -- OTTOMAN
  • Gunnhild -- EARPLUGS
  • Christian -- BATHROBES or NOTEBOOKS
  • Magdalena -- BATHROBES or NOTEBOOKS
  • Sussan Riis -- FONDUE FORK
  • Edvard Lunde -- DENTAL FLOSS
  • Astrid Elstad -- KAHLUA BOTTLE
  • Vivian Tanberg -- MERINO BLANKET
  • Ingeborg Nylund -- CHIBUIKE JERSEY
  • Henning Handal Jr. -- JUSTICE LEAGUE #1
  • Aksel Kjartan Tieg -- HOTEL PARKING PASS
  • Christopher Holsen -- INSTRUCTION MANUAL
Once the each item and employee is matched, you needed to trace the route they traveled, using the magic of the internet. See Agnar's route below for example.

Each route traces out a numeral, 1 through 9. In this case, "5". If you take the corresponding letter from each missing item (The "S" in ATLAS for the example above), and retained the alphabetical order of the items, you got a result of STJORDAL STATION, where our amateur detectives can catch up with the reprobate bears.

Congratulations to BCCSweet, ubragg, and Golem for correct solutions. Mid-season standings and prize announcement to post shortly. The next puzzle will kick off the second half on July 12! 


Steve Sax said...

Holy cow, that's a sweet puzzle.

Eric Karros said...

Wow great puzzle, replete with reference to Stoover and some great Nordic names. I'm sorta glad I missed it as I'm sure it would have been a lot of time invested for participation points only.

And congrats BCCSweet!

But you gotta wonder if UBragg would have won if he decided to go ahead and use the internet for mapping rather then rely on his retained knowledge of Norwegian geography.

We'll never know...

BJ Killeen said...

There aren't enough hints in the world to help me solve this brain doesn't work like this....

Todd Etter said...

Thanks, I thought it was really nice. Clearly a lot of time went into making this, so great job, FS!

Franklin Stubbs said...

Thanks everybody! You guys all did great, even with minimal interference from the umpire. (I'm looking at you, Meals!)

I don't think I could have planned it worse if I tried. I was on emergency duty at the office most of last week! I'm just thrilled not to have borked this one. (or would that be bjorked?)