Monday, June 18, 2012

At-Game Recap: Angels Double Down (June 11 and June 13, 2012)

I went to two Angels @ Dodgers games last week, and unfortunately I saw the two losses that the Dodgers suffered. No matter; it's always a great night to be at the Stadium, even under bad circumstances.

The first night was Monday night, when I went with Mrs. Sax to see the Dodgers drop a 3-2 decision in the opening game of the series. I had laughed earlier about getting two more t-shirts for the ever-expanding Sax Dodger T-Shirt Collection, but the joke was on me, as we arrived too late to pick up one of the Jaime Jarrin call t-shirts.

In retrospect, missing out on a t-shirt wasn't entirely surprising, since I knew they only had 30K to give away and the interleague rivalry game would attract more than 30K fans. We probably had a good shot at scoring the shirts based on our normal timing, but I made the audible on the way to the Stadium to stop at xoia to pick up to-go dinner. Their beef brisket banh mi sandwiches didn't disappoint, I tell you (especially doused in hot sauce); I would definitely recommend it if you're zipping through Echo Park. Xoia was a good call, just to break up the Dodger Dog routine for kicks.

Here are my pictures from the evening of June 11:

The t-shirts I didn't get. Sigh.

The biggest cheer of the night came when they showed highlights of the Kings' Stanley Cup win. Yay, Kings!

As the Dodgers welcomed someone illegible in the photo, Juan Uribe looks forlorn from the dugout steps.

Darkness falls over Chavez Ravine.

I don't get this Bank of America ribbon ad. LAoving 50 years? What the hell is "laoving"?

A glutton for punishment, I went back Wednesday night (June 13) for more Angels @ Dodgers goodness. Actually, badness, since Nathan Eovaldi went out there again and despite the Dodgers keeping it close, the Angels again won it late. Sigh.

Went in through the gate off the 110 heading North. It was a nightmare. And I don't think I've seen this sign before (probably since the Sunset gate is so much more efficient).

Snuck on to the club level and took this great picture of a Jackie Robinson print, hanging in the hallway by the suites.

I'm now on a three-game loss streak (and the Sons' collective record has taken a beating, too, as you can see from the sidebar). I gotta get me a win.


Hideo Nomo said...

The Downtown gate (off 110) is a fucking nightmare. It's Academy Gate or nothing from now on. (My ass could use the workout anyway.)

It just sucks that there's no good general parking entrance if you're sitting on Reserve or higher:

-Downtown puts you right by the ramps to Reserve, but it's too damn slow. Do not enter here unless you're cool missing at least an inning.

-Sunset has one lot that's kinda close to Reserve, but it fills up first. Then they send you all the way down by the old Scott gate.

-Stadium Way (Golden State) puts you about as far away from everything as possible.

-Academy has the least traffic woes, but is really only best for Field or Club level seating.

Franklin Stubbs said...

I concur re: Sunset gate. That's how I roll.