Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PCS: Mid-Season Final Standings

Grand Slam puzzles truly are the great equalizer for BCCSweet, but even with a cool 150 points in his pocket, ubragg's 4-for-4 streak to start the season was too much to overcome. The leaderboard is largely unchanged from puzzle 3, with exception of Jason leapfrogging Mr. LA Sports Czar with a successful solve in puzzle 4, and Golem's return to the PCS for the Grand Slam Puzzle.

550 Possible Points
Puzzler PCS
Tour Points
1 1 ubragg 475
2 2 BCCSweet 441
3 3 Eric Karros 177
5T-5Steve K135
6 T-7 Jason 100
7 T-5 MLASC 95
8 n/a Golem 75
9 T-7 Mr. F 50

Others receiving points: Spank 35, BJ Killeen 30, Alex, 20, Karina 10, Paul 10

PCS Season V: Mid-Season Top 5

It's no coincidence that the only two puzzlers with all 5 solutions under their belts have distanced themselves from the pack, but Puzzle 6 marks the return of the succubus! They'll have to maintain their frenetic pace to stay in the top spots from here on out.

As mid-season champ, ubragg gets the option of taking a prize from the SoSG prize bank or creating a PCS puzzle of his own devising. As always, the puzzle option can be completely reader-generated, handed off to SoSG's puzzle elves for development, or any option in between. The prize pack this time around could only be considered "Dodger related" on Star Wars night, but as we have a well documented love of all things Star Wars here, these mini-bobbleheads seem completely appropriate.

Ubragg, let us know if you'd prefer to have the mini-bobbleheads or a future PCS puzzle of your very own. BCCSweet, if ubragg takes the schwag, and you're not able to do the puzzle, for whatever reason, we'll make an appropriate substitute runner-up prize available.


ubragg said...

Sign me up for a puzzle.

Orel said...

Congrats, ubragg!

ubragg said...

Thanks Orel!

spank said...

Watch out. i'm only getting started.


MR.F said...

I wish I had time to do the puzzles =/.

Franklin Stubbs said...


I look forward to some insight into the mind of the master!

BCCSweet, let us know your mailing address for delivery of your prize pack.

Eric Karros said...

Congrats UBragg, BCC, and others on the leaderboard.

Stubbs, when is the next puzzle?

Franklin Stubbs said...

"Next puzzle: July 12!" is what I meant to say when I first posted this.

Todd Etter said...

Cool... address is on its way. Thanks!