Monday, June 25, 2012

Dilbeck Throws Down On Juan Uribe

"Is that the Shake Shack I see out in left field? Hmm."

The LAT's Steve Dilbeck came to the same conclusion that many of us did last year (potentially immediately after his three-year, $21M signing before the 2011 season): Juan Uribe is horrible. And Dilbeck says Uribe (and his .225, sub-Loney batting average) needs to sit.

Juan Uribe sat and watched Sunday, which should become more a regular feature for the Dodgers.

Uribe has never really hit in the 1½ years he’s been with Los Angeles, but he’s been at a new low since coming off the disabled list.

In the 11 games since he’s returned from a sore wrist, he’s hitting .161 (5 for 31) with a .188 on-base percentage and a .258 slugging percentage.

Even Manager Don Mattingly, who would typically insist Uribe was hitting the ball well when the numbers indicated otherwise, now seems to be facing reality since Uribe's return.

“He hasn’t looked very good,” Mattingly said. “I watch him in BP and he’s working on the right things, he’s working [on hitting the ball] the other way. But he hasn’t looked very good since he’s come back, though.

“For me, just too much pull. I was looking at a little bit of video today on him, and he’s just kind of pulling out of there.”

Yet as badly as Uribe has been, his numbers aren't far off from last season (.204/.264/.293). And the Dodgers, as much as they would like — and need — for Uribe to provide them with some semblance of power, it’s getting to the point where they have to admit he is a failed signing.

That’s not easy to do, considering that the Dodgers are paying him $8 million this year, owe him $7 million next season and need power.

But with Mattingly scrambling to find ways to keep Elian Herrera in the lineup and Mark Ellis on the mend, Uribe starting the game on the bench as he did Sunday against the Angels should be the more common order of the day.

I'm in favor of the move. We've already got Matt Kemp out, Andre Ethier in a bit of a funk, Dee Gordon trying to reverse a negative trajectory, and James Loney serving as a black hole. Uribe, whose hitting peaked at .286 on April 23, has to go. I'm glad to hear that Mattingly has come to his senses on this.

Now, James, the microscope is pointed squarely at you.

photo from US Presswire / May 6, 2011 @ Citi Field


KLD said...

Finally... it's about time the big wigs woke up and smelled the Dodger Dogs. I was embarrassed for Uribe when he was with the Giants and mortified when the Dodgers signed him He has a worse swing than my 14 year old nephew. Please eat his salary and get rid of the extra weight that he is.

Orel said...

Looks like the Dodgers need to...

(lowers sunglasses)

...trim some fat.


Fred's Brim said...

What scares me about this is that he would be coming off our bench for late-inning, gotta-get-the-run-home-please-no-double-plays-or-strikeouts at-bats.

I haven't looked at any of the numbers but I can't remember a time in the last 1.5 years where he was even remotely hot, even for a week. And I may be the biggest Uribe supporter here. I wish he would do well but there ain't no polishing this turdola. Until we trade him

Orel said...

I'm thinking of installing a turdola in my backyard.

Steve Sax said...

updated post with a caption (and photo credit)

Steve Sax said...

@FB 12:34p: Exactly. To your point, has Uribe coming off the bench six times this season, for a collective 0-for-6.

Strangely, all five of Uribe's GIDPs this year have come in games that he's started.

(Thinking ahead in this argument: James Loney is 5-for-19 coming off the bench this year.)

Bobby said...

Until Uribe goes, I propose referring to him as Juan Uribe: Professional Athlete whenever he is mentioned by name.