Monday, June 25, 2012

Jamie Moyer Is Without A Job

All right, I confess I just wanted to use that picture. But in case you're interested in reading about a 49-year-old pitcher, the former Rockie and Phillie (among others) is out of work:

Moyer, if you'll recall, started the season with the Colorado Rockies and was soon designated for assignment after going 2-5. He then signed a minor league deal with the Baltimore Orioles. A clause in that contract required the Orioles to either promote Moyer to the big league club or release him after three starts at AAA-Norfolk. Moyer recently completed his third start and the Orioles asked if he would be interested in making a fourth. He declined and requested his release. [...]

Baltimore was actually hoping he would stick around for another start so they could call him up when they actually needed him, but nothing was guaranteed. That sounds an awful lot like a guy who thinks he's got more options elsewhere. And, hey, he did pitch to a 1.69 ERA with Norfolk. But let's not delude ourselves, that might have been a selling point for Moyer were he younger, but he is not and AAA Norfolk is not the AL East.

Don't get any ideas, Ned.

photo: Rodrigo Buendia, AFP/Getty Images


Pride of Dong said...

I hear ole Neddie calling him now....

Fred's Brim said...

I bet he would do well in San Diego, especially pitching against us 3-4 more times

Pride of Dong said...

I hear old people usually go to Florida.... Marlins?