Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post-Game 63 Thread: Rivera Deep; Trout'n Dry


It was looking like another one of those sad interleague rivalry evenings, with the Dodgers' offense appearing impotent (Bobby Abreu, Adam Kennedy, Juan Uribe, and Tony Gwynn in the 5-though-8 holes went a combined 0-for-13), and the Angels just mustering enough to skate to a 2-1 lead with two out and two on in the bottom of the eighth.

Enter Andre Ethier, who followed up a non-descript afternoon with a game-tying single to right, scoring Dee Gordon from second. The next batter was Juan Rivera, and he smoked one to left to score A.J. Ellis and Ethier, putting the Dodgers up 5-2 and icing the game. Kenley Jansen came in to pitch the ninth (2 Ks).

Mike Trout of the Angels, who killed us last night, went 0-for-4 with 4 LOB--allowing me to write this PGT headline. Thanks, Mike!


Alex said...

Awesome night at Dodger Stadium! The place went nucking futs for Rivera's HR and I FINALLY got to witness a Dodger victory over the Angels after going winless in 4 previous attempts!

Let's get the series win tommorow!!!

Steve Sax said...

Thank you Alex for commenting on my lonely PGT.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Forgot there was a Dodger game. Too busy wstching the replay if the hockey game and post game celebration.

Cliff Beefpile said...

I too was watching the Kings replays. Starting tomorrow I return my focus to the boys in blue.

Also, stay tuned for Neeebs', Marla's and my blog, "The Sons of Charlie Simmer".

Fred's Brim said...

I was mean to Kennedy last night.
I am sorry Adam. I was feeling very surly last night but I shouldn't have taken it out on you

Neeebs (The Original) said...

At FB, let me take your baton...Adam Kennedy has no business being on this roster!

Neeebs (The Original) said...

@Cliffie: I'll be Mario Lessard.

Franklin Stubbs said...

Shit, I missed good one again!

I need someone to come break me out of cubicle hell.