Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers About To Trump Dodgers Again

As if getting swept by the Brewers at home earlier this season wasn't enough, it looks like the Brewers are going to stick it to the Dodgers again less than a month later. In ESPN's elimination-tournament "Battle of the Ballparks, Dodger Stadium goes up against Miller Park, and with 47K votes tallied, Miller Park holds a 54%-46% edge.

I've got nothing against Miller Park (which SoSG Orel and I have attended once, and SoSG AC has attended multiple times). I love their bratwurst and their fans are friendly. However, the hackneyed cliche accompanying the Dodger/Miller vote is annoying:

After turning 50 in April, the home of Magic and magic games is matched up against the biggest upset victor from Round 1. Milwaukee is home to the best tailgating in baseball, while Chavez Ravine is home to the most taillights you see leaving in the seventh inning.

Cheeseheads of the world are definitely uniting, according to earlier in the article:

Well, the first round is over, and here are some quick thoughts:

Either there was a huge "get out the vote" tailgate rally in Milwaukee or the Rally Monkey fell down on the job, because Angels Stadium got whipped by Miller Park in the round's bracket-busting upset. Congrats, Brewers fans, but shame on you, Angels fans! Like Albert Pujols, you got off to a slow start. And unlike Albert, you won't be able to overcome it with a strong second half.

Admittedly, there ain't much to do in Milwaukee over the summer, so they're probably voting early and often. If you want to try and counter the wave and let justice prevail, here's the link for the second round. (Sorry to trump tonight's PGT, but I'm not sure when this vote closes.)


M.Brown said...

It's bad enough they live in Wisconsin. Let them have their little moment.

Steve Sax said...

@MBrown, that's pretty damn funny.

Alex said...

+1 M.Brown

I(')ve got to attempt to sleep one off now...