Thursday, June 21, 2012

For The Love Of God, Dee Gordon, Stop Bunting

I want to like Dee Gordon. I know he's young, he's prone to make defensive errors. I know that his incredible speed only works if he reaches base, which hopefully will come in time--as of last night, Gordon's OBP was the worst of any regular Dodgers starter, and that's even including Juan Uribe (.287 vs. Gordon's .282 (and even about fifty points lower than James Loney's OBP)).

I'm hopeful Dee Gordon will grow up, will get on base more regularly, and dazzle us with his speed on the basepaths.

But Dee Gordon has got to stop bunting.

Going into last night's game (in which he bunt grounded out again with the bases empty, fooling no one), Gordon had 246 ABs this season. He was 4-for-19, or .211 BA, when he tried to bunt. That makes him 53-for-227, or .233, when he's not bunting.

Gordon is not only a crappy bunter (the one I saw in Wednesday's game was served up on a platter to A's catcher Kurt Suzuki), but he hasn't polished the Rafael-Furcal-like play to show bunt, draw the infield in, and then slap the ball over the third baseman. That would be cool.

Gordon's effortless ground outs are, however, not cool.

Please, Dee, STOP BUNTING.


Jason said...


But seriously, stop with the bunting. Or get Many Mota back onto the staff to teach some technique.

Hideo Nomo said...

For the love of God, Gordon Ramsay, stop bundting!

Orel said...

Just heard Dee interviewed by Max & Marcellus on ESPN 710. Max basically kept asking him why he sucks so much this year.

Hideo Nomo said...

Why does no one ask Max why he sucks?

spank said...

Blame should go to the dodgers minor league coaches. They should have taught Dee how to bunt and play the field.

Steve Sax said...

I actually think Max has gotten better this year, fwiw

Franklin Stubbs said...
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