Friday, June 22, 2012

Post-Game 71 Thread: Chad Coughs It Up


The evening started out so promisingly: within eight pitches, the Dodgers had scored more runs (three) than they had scored in three games in Oakland (two). After an inning and a half, the Dodgers were leading 5-0. And Tim Lincecum was struggling in the first inning against the A's, giving up three runs.

But this is the Kemp-less Dodgers of June, and Chad Billingsley coughed up six runs, all earned, over five innings. The Angels tacked on two more off of Jamey Wright. Oh, and the Giants rallied in the ninth to beat the A's.

The Dodgers have lost four straight and their lead in the NL West is down to three games. It hasn't been this tight since April 19. Oh, and the Dodgers travel to San Francisco next. Are we sure Matt Kemp is the only missing piece here?


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I blame Oakland.

NicJ said...

It's amazing how bad a team can look when their best hitter is out.

Sucks losing but it's not like we are going to need 100 wins to take the division.

Dusty Baker said...

Con of a sunt. I am too pissed off to get drunk. This ruined my night and likely next morning.


(kicks dog)

Hideo Nomo said...

I'm going to regrow my beard, then punch myself in the face.

Fred's Brim said...

I am going to shave my head and glue the hair to the cat so it looks like a dog, then Dusty can kick it

Dusty Baker said...

Yep, it has ruined my morning as predicted.

Steve Sax said...

Think about how that cat feels, though.