Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bad News, Good News

Bad news: I had tickets for tonight's game but have been pulled out of town, so I can't go. Very sad.

Good news: Just realized that it's's Free Game of the Day! And since I'm out of town, I can at least watch it on my iPad, rather than wallow in unappetizing local sports options! Awesome; perfect timing!

And have a good time at the game, Dad!


Dusty Baker said...

No AC, either?

Steve Sax said...

Yeah, it's hot where I am!

Dusty Baker said...

Oh, you devil!

Dusty Baker said...'s hot where you are...

I have it figured out: you're with Neeebs' mom!

Steve Sax said...


(and no, AC was out for this one. good thought)