Thursday, June 14, 2012

PCS 5.5: Tyver i Trondheim

This is the first Grand Slam puzzle of the season, worth 150 points.

As the sun rose over the Trondheimsfjord, a scene of destruction and chaos greeted the staff and guests of the Scandic Solsiden Hotel. Edvard Lunde, the bartender, was weeping quietly in a pile of rubble that used to be the bar when Sussan Riis arrived at work.

"What happened here last night?"

"Bears," Muttered Edvard. "It was the bears."

"Bears broke in to the hotel?" she asked. Her eyes narrowed with suspicion. Surely this was a cover story.

"No," said Edvard, finally glancing up from his demolished stemware. "There was a marmot of some sort. He told us to let them in, and we trusted him. His name was Stoover."

Sussan saw no reason why this should be so, but there was nothing for it. "Well, we'd better start getting this mess cleaned up," she declared, to no one in particular. At that moment, Lars, the bellhop wandered past the bar entrance. Catching sight of her, he sprinted over, looking apoplectic.

"W...w...We've been robbed, as well!" he managed to get out. He handed her a list of the items that had been reported missing by the shell-shocked staff.

Stolen Items:

  • The shuttle driver's ATLAS
  • Three BATHROBES from room 206
  • An autographed Rosenborg BK John CHIBUIKE JERSEY
  • An entire case of DENTAL FLOSS from the store room
  • A package of EARPLUGS from Agnar's toolbox
  • A FONDUE FORK from the kitchen
  • A board GAME from the 3rd floor lounge
  • The INSTRUCTION MANUAL to the portable generator
  • Henning's prized JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 comic
  • A KAHLUA BOTTLE from the bar (pre-demolition, presumably)
  • Dafinn's LOCKET
  • A dozen blank NOTEBOOKS from the concierge's desk
  • An OTTOMAN, also from the 3rd floor lounge

  • Sussan, Edvard, and Lars rounded up every employee they could find and agreed to fan out across the city to see if they could recover any of the stolen items, before they disappeared for good. With that, they followed the trail of debris out into the crisp Norwegian morning.

    Hotel Staff (click to expand):

    Aksel Kjartan Tieg
    Astrid Elstad
    Christopher Holsen
    Edvard Lunde
    Henning Handal Jr.
    Ingeborg Nylund
    Sussan Riis
    Vivian Tanberg

    Puzzle Rules: The hotel staff have collected all the clues. Where can they catch up with the perpetrators? Comment freely in the thread, but if you have the solution, please don't give it away to everyone in the comments section. Instead, do the following:

    Send us an Email with "PCS" somewhere in the subject line, containing the first and last name of the players, along with your reasoning. Submitted answers without the reasoning, or those submitted with the incorrect reasoning, will count for participation only, even if the answer itself is correct. And please include your screen name somewhere in the email; and

    Post a comment simply saying you have emailed your solution attempt. We may not be able to reply to your original email promptly, so please be patient and check back on the comment thread for the latest news; we may confirm correct answers there.

    You have until midnight PT tonight to submit your answer. Answer will be posted tomorrow morning. Good luck!

    HINT #1: There are two distinct parts to this puzzle. For the first, you'll need to figure out which employee matches which item. For the second, I recommend you make friends with Google Maps.


    Franklin Stubbs said...

    This IS the first half Grand Slam puzzle, worth 150 points. (main post updated).

    Franklin Stubbs said...

    If some of you feel like you don't have enough information, click on each hotel employee for information on where they searched.

    If you did that and still feel like you don't have enough information, well, you'll have to wait for hints.

    Todd Etter said...

    question sent...

    Todd Etter said...

    answer sent!

    Franklin Stubbs said...

    The streak is over!

    1. BCCSweet

    spank said...

    Damn. I wanted to be the one to end the streak.

    Franklin Stubbs said...

    Spank, you and streaking are nearly synonymous at this point.

    ubragg said...

    Pretty educated guess sent.

    Congrats BCCSweet! I knew the streak had to end sometime soon.

    Franklin Stubbs said...

    ubragg's guess makes good.

    1. BCCSweet
    2. ubragg

    spank said...

    @ Stubbsy

    heh. I didn't catch that when i wrote the comment.

    Franklin Stubbs said...


    That's odd, because you and the catch (of the day) are also nearly synonymous, as well.

    Franklin Stubbs said...

    Golem gets in with a stealth submission.

    1. BCCSweet
    2. ubragg
    3. Golem

    Franklin Stubbs said...

    I'm heading in to a meeting. If anyone out there is working and needs a hint, send up a signal flare and I'll post one when I get back.

    Todd Etter said...

    Thanks, ubragg! I had a slight advantage since I was born in Trondheim AND raised by bears.

    Golem said...

    Whoops, forget about that "answer sent" protocol. Glad to get back in this game.

    Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

    I don't know what this is.

    QuadSevens said...

    These bears are insane when they aren't humping in a tent.

    Franklin Stubbs said...

    Hint #1 posted!

    Franklin Stubbs said...


    Raging bear hormones. They'll fuck you up.

    Steve K said...

    Brattørparken? Bakgården Bar?? Wow!