Monday, June 18, 2012

Donnie Gets Salty

Don Mattingly gives Gary Darling some lip after Jerry Meals' bullshit call in the sixth inning of yesterday's game. Mattingly was also ejected from the game on Mother's Day, notes Jim Peltz of the LA Times.

photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


Steve K said...

Don't know if you guys have seen it, but Jon SooHoo (@JonSooHoo) has been posting game pictures online at

He's got some great pics from last night's game ( There are shots of some of the Dodgers with their kids and some pictures of the game itself, including Donnie getting salty with Meals and Darling. Plus, we get to see Mark Walter looking snazzy with his Dodger t-shirt tucked into his jeans!

Steve Sax said...

The other funny thing of Donnie's ranting was that Mattingly towered over Meals, but was shorter than Darling. Didn't matter, as he went at 'em both with similar gusto.

Hilarious. Well done, Donnie Baseball!

QuadSevens said...

He was all over those two, and they deserved it!

Usually I always think that a manager coming out to argue a call is pointless. But I happened to see a play over the weekend in an Angels game where the first base ump completely missed a call. The first baseman juggled a throw and the ump didn't see it because of his positioning but still made the out call. Scioscia came running out of the dugout faster than I've ever seen a manager run before! Before he got to the first base ump, the home plate ump stepped in and talked to the first base umpire. After a short discussion, the call was reversed, and the runner was put back on base. More umpires should look for help on calls they aren't sure on.

I hope Meals gets to see that replay soon so he can see his glaring mistake.

Steve K said...

I read that after the game that Mattingly said Meals claimed he was 100% sure. Donnie then said he's heard that a few times this year. I thought that was pretty good.