Friday, June 01, 2012

Dodger Stadium Makes Top Ten, Unlike Other California Arena

I know I'm about four years late on this article, but it was interesting to stumble upon this 2008 article and find Dodger Stadium in the top ten MLB stadiums, but no mention of the place where the guys up north play:

9. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

Although some Brooklynites are still smarting from the loss of the Dodgers to Los Angeles in 1958, the team is now part of the fabric of Southern California. Appropriately, it is housed by the Taj Majal of baseball. Dodger Stadium overlooks downtown Los Angeles and is actually built into a mountain side. Mock says the seating bowl offers a great view of the Hollywood hills. Dodger Stadium is not centrally located, but getting to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Catalina Island, and all the other glamorous places associated with L.A. is not hard to do—just hop on the (in)famous freeway or the Metro. Of course, if you want to see another park while you're in town, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are just about an hour away. Visit Mickey and Minnie in Disneyland while you're at it.

For the record, with the exception of the new Yankee Stadium (#3), and PNC Park (#2), I've been to the rest. I'd quibble with the order as well (and to be fair, I'd probably put Big Phone Park in my top ten).


Fred's Brim said...

How far into the future can you schedule a post? It'd be funny to see how much of it is true when it posts, kind of a blogger time capsule. I am sure you could write something about over-the-hill veteran infielders or stupid relievers who don't throw strikes and have it be pretty accurate.

Dave said...

The two biggest problems with Phone Bill Park:

1) The views are great if you're between the bases. If you're not, the sightlines are horrendous.

2) It's as cramped as a phone booth. Getting out after a game is a tedious process of walking behind slow, ignorant drunks (which is, admittedly, their fan base). I can only hope there's never a disaster there, because thousands will be killed as people try to get down those ramps and out the tiny exits.

DodgersKingsoftheGalaxy said...

ROFL it's so true, i was surprised that city allows all the drunken tomfoolery that they do outside ATT. I sat in LF so i have to go back to sit in RF like you're supposed to, Doh! I remember they were giving away a "Fiesta Gigantes" sign, i got back and put it on my cousins truck :P