Monday, February 22, 2010

P&A Magazine #24 Releases This Weekend: Can SoSG Readers Keep The Streak Alive?

I am assuming, though I don't know for sure, that the SoSG team placed decently well for the last issue, #23; we do know that we achieved a top-ten finish for issue #22.

So are we up for the challenge for issue #24, which releases on Saturday February 27 at 7a PT?

The fine print, for those of you new to this: following the release of the issue, it's basically a race from that point onward to decode the puzzles and answer the meta-puzzle's question. This P&A magazine will likely be the last warm-up session before PCS Season III begins on Tuesday, April 6, 2010. So you might as well sharpen your pencils and get ready!

Each issue costs $4.95 and requires registration on the P&A website (payment can be remitted via paypal). If you're interested, "sign up" for the SoSG team in the comment thread, as well as send us an email (address is on the sidebar), and I'll email instructions later this week on how to access a collaborative site (which won't be open to the public). While we have used googledocs before, I think I'm going to set up a wiki instead so we can maintain comments in the chat.

Hope to see you this weekend!


Nostradamus said...

Ye gods, is it March already? I'm in.

A traceable strategy discussion string is definitely a good idea, since everyone is coming and going all day.

drewdez said...

I'm in for at least part of the day.

Good call on the wiki. GDocs was useful for documenting solutions, but much less so for communicating.

Steve Sax said...

This is not the most inspiring response. But we'll field a team anyway. MrC and Drewdez, start knocking on some doors.

MR.F said...

Okay. I'm going to contribute to this one.

Steve Sax said...

Fanerman, check your mr c and drewdez as well