Sunday, February 28, 2010

Move Over, Phillie Phanatic

There's a new Sheriff in town.

From TMZ (and other higher end news sources, I swear):

Admiral Ackbar is causing a serious disturbance in the force at Ole Miss -- where several Rebel fans are threatening to abandon the school if the alien leader becomes the new mascot. The masterminds behind the Admiral Ackbar mascot campaign tell TMZ they've been contacted by angry students, threatening to transfer if the legendary rebel shot caller is voted to become the new face of Ole Miss.

The group has even received complaints from the parents of current students and prospective students -- with some even threatening to "never send their kids to Ole Miss" if the Admiral wins out. As we previously reported, the school recently voted to bring in a new mascot to replace the old, controversial rebel mascot ... and Ackbar has emerged as an early favorite. Still no word on when an official decision will be made.

There's fanclubs set up all over Twitter and Facebook, all hoping beyond hope that the brave Admiral will be the new face of the school. Having gone through High School with a HILLER as mascot (don't ask - none of us knew what the F that was) and college where a BATTLING QUAKER would roam the sidelines, I would have killed to have an Ackbar. Heck, I would have even taken Jek Porkins.


Cliff Beefpile said...

star wars nerds in the south? who knew!? they must be carpetbaggers. man, if this actually happens i might be torn between my allegiance to ucla and the new rebel alliance. good for ole miss though, changing the mascot. 50 years after integration and the civil rights movement...but still.

Orel said...

Walking carpetbaggers?

rbnlaw said...

Admiral Akbar?
I thought that was Jamey Carroll.

Orel said...


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Fighting Quakers?

Oxymoron much?