Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Worlds of the Delino Collide!

Apparently I'm losing my status as the most famous Delawarean to attend USC.

David Sills, a 13-year-old quarterback from Bear, Del., has committed to play at USC, according to his private quarterback coach, Steve Clarkson.'s Shelley Smith reported that Sills, a seventh-grader, has verbally accepted a scholarship offer from Trojans coach Lane Kiffin. Sills plays at Red Lion Christian Academy. His coach, Eric Day, confirmed the decision in the Delaware News Journal.

"I'm very excited, but I was very, very nervous," Sills said in the News Journal report. "It was very cool, but my heart was beating so fast and I was scared. But after it was over, I was so excited and pumped." Sills' team was in the Los Angeles area to play a couple of games last November.

The monitoring of players as young as Sills is relatively new to college football, but basketball coaches have been doing it for years. Two years ago, Washington coach Ty Willingham admitted he had offered a scholarship to receiver Kasen Williams, a high school freshman.

Florida might have gotten all the top prospects for next year, but SC will be kicking some serious ass in 2017 (2018 if he redshirts).


Fred's Brim said...

Did Kiffin give him a Pokemon backpack filled with cash?

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

In other news, my one-year-old son signed his letter of intent with the Troajns to play in the band.

rbnlaw said...

SC finds ways to keep my hate alive. Word is Kiffin made a recruiting visit with the kid at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Kiffin won a ball-in-cup game playing Skee Ball.