Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Video Every Man and Child Need to See

My love of all things Dolph has come up before. But nothing could prepare me for what you are about to witness. I suggest you skip the first minute and "for god's sake, strap yourselves down."

Dolph Lundgren Proves He's Master of the Universe.

Deal with it, Justin Timberlake.

A special thank you to "Boss" (aka LLCoolJacobs).


MR.F said...

At some point during my childhood, a VHS surfaced in my household:


Even as a kid, I looked at it and thought it must have been awful, so I never watched it, even on a boring summer day. My cousin ended up watching it several years later when he was bored at our house and said "what a horrible movie."

Josh S. said...

Oh my God, why don't you start a Swedish muscleman blog and report Swedish muscleman news on that blog?

(Sorry. Just cranky that the vid is blocked at work.)

Paul said...

I have had a lot of cold medication today...this must just be one of the side effects.

Jason said...

Delino wisely recommends this video for men and children only. When it comes to women, Dolph might break them.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Josh S - it's worth the wait. Three minutes of unbridled joy.

And I do have a Swedish Muscleman Blog. All the SoSGs do. It's the Postal Service to my Death Cab for Cutie!

Fanerman - Red Scorpion was part of the Dolph festival I went to. I suggest you cousin watch it again with a packed, drunken house. It makes much more sense.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Phil Collins might be a better drummer, but can he break a block of wood with his head.

Actually, he probably could.


Josh S. said...

"It's the Postal Service to my Death Cab for Cutie!"

So I can call you Dntelino?

Steve Sax said...


Jimbo said...

This made my day. Absolutely.

Fred's Brim said...

is this the Swedish version of Sabado Gigante?

blorkjr said...

It's the swedish version of weird, inbred country music festivals where the audience vote and the winner advance to the European dito.

Men jag gillar Dolph Lundgren, han är en härlig jävel och en porrig höna.