Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poll: Dodgers' Opening Day Starter

From @dodgerscribe (Tony Jackson):

Torre says opening-day starter decision has been made. He just didn't say what it was.

Who will be the Dodgers' Opening Day starter?
Chad Billingsley
Clayton Kershaw
Hiroki Kuroda
Vicente Padilla
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Steve Sax said...

My vote is for Minotaur.

Damon said...

Welcome to the Jungle

Fred's Brim said...

Bills on opening day, Minotaur to start the home opener

Orel said...

Padilla wins! Kind of. @DodgertownUSA:

"Torre announces that Vicente Padilla will start #Dodgers Cactus League opener"

Greg Zakwin said...

It should be Kershaw, he's our best pitcher.

But Torre is an idiot much of the time.

So Kuroda or Padilla it is.