Monday, February 08, 2010

Brian Giles Joins the Dogpile

Dodgers Sign Brian Giles (MLBTR)

Another spare part! MLBTR says Giles is competing for "a fifth outfielder or pinch-hitter role." Click here to see his competition.


Nostradamus said...

Dios Mio, we signed he of the .548 OPS!?

What is it with those old Pittsburgh Pirates that went into a steep and immediate decline upon being traded away?

rbnlaw said...

The 2010 Dodgers will be known as "scrappy" for many reasons.

Josh S. said...

I think it's now officially time for a Dodgers mascot.

I nominate The Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock.

Fred's Brim said...

christ on a bike!
cut him now!

Wesley Vento said...

I'm already fashioning my paper bag mask. It worked for the Saints, maybe it can work for the Dodgers. See you in 2024, when all that brown bag karma will have begot a World Series.

Kyle Baker said...

But is Giles good enough to compete for a slot on Isotopes? Pretty stiff competition there already.

Josh S. said...

Dusty, he can supposedly ask for his release if he doesn't make the active roster. (Pleaseohpleaseohplease!!!!)

Kyle Baker said...


Right. Of course, he will have lots of time on his hands at that point. Heck, maybe the 66ers need some help, too.

So we need to get really serious about going down to CamelToe Ranch and heckling Giles - scaring him, in fact - so he doesn't do well and thus not make the team. We could go all Scooby Doo and dress up like mosnters to try to scare him away, perhaps.

MR.F said...

I remember when Brian Giles was sooo good. Was it that long ago?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Brian Giles is only one season removed from a .854 OPS. If he can regain his past glory for a little bit, why not?

Steve Sax said...

As Buster Olney wrote in today's blog:

# Giles ranked second-worst in the majors in OPS in 2009, for guys with a minimum of 250 plate appearances:

Alexi Casilla: .538
Brian Giles: .548
Willy Taveras: .559
Luis Rodriguez: .578

# He ranked last in the majors in BA in 2009:

Brian Giles: .191
Jason Giambi: .201
Bill Hall: .201
Luis Rodriguez: .202
Alexi Casilla: .202

# Giles's .548 OPS was the lowest by a Padres player since a .522 OPS by Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith in 1979.

# Compare a player's OPS to the league OPS, adjusting slightly for ballpark played in, and you get a stat called OPS-plus. One-hundred is average -- anything above is good, and anything below is bad. Giles had a 55 OPS-plus. Only one other player whose primary position was right field had an OPS-plus that bad in the 2000s -- Jermaine Dye with the 2003 Athletics (he had an OPS-plus of 38).