Sunday, February 21, 2010

Interview with an Athletic Trainer

If you're curious about what major league players do in the dugout and clubhouse to try to stay injury-free, you can either (1) hone your playing skills, get drafted by a major league team, and spend years toiling in the minors until you earn the right to be called up to the bigs; (2) work hard, become rich, and buy a team — now you can go anywhere you want; or (3) read Dear (Tommy) John Letters' interview with Carlos Olivas, an athletic trainer formerly in the Dodgers system and now in the Rangers organization.

Athletic trainers appear to be in the sensitive position of needing the trust of both players and management. Silvas says that with the Dodgers, he would be among the first to know of personnel changes...because he would be the one to pass along the information to players. Bet they didn't teach that skill in college.

Thanks to Brian Akin for the informative interview. But I'm still trying to figure out what "stim" is.

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Keven C said...

Electrical stimulation. Sends pulses through your muscles/tendons/ligaments. Also makes for great ab-tightening claims in infomercials.