Sunday, February 21, 2010

Torre Interested In Staying Blue in 2011?

USA Today is reporting that Joe Torre, whose contract as Dodger manager ends after this season, is open to sticking around longer--and has been talking with the Dodgers about a possible extension:

Joe Torre, fifth with 2,246 victories and one slot behind Cox's 2,413, said Sunday that he has been talking with the Los Angeles Dodgers about extending his contract beyond this year.

"When I got the three-year deal (before 2008), I thought I'd manage two (years), but I'm still enjoying it," says Torre, 69. "I've never been this age before, but at some point you are going to dread going to spring training. But that day hasn't come."

Here's hoping Torre sticks around. I can't see our core of young players developing as fast without his calm and collected experienced presence; similarly, only Torre's steady hand could minimize and actually subside the media circus that has surrounded Manny Ramirez over the last two years, making the chaos much less of a distraction than it could have been. We debate his judgment on late game calls sometimes, but the criticisms of this skipper have been nothing like prior recent regimes.

I'll throw in an extra case of Bigelow Green Tea if we can keep Joe around. (And knowing Frank McCourt right now, he'd probably take me up on that offer.)


Kyle Baker said...


We'll have Joe two more seasons and the players and the organization will benefit greatly from his presence. I'm proud to have such a class guy as our manager.

I may question some of his pitching decisions, but they pale in comparison to all we get out of him and his staff.

Wicks said...

Why would he want to stay longer?Doesn't Joe know that this team is headed backwards at breakneck speed? I guess he doesn't watch or read ESPN.....