Thursday, February 11, 2010

SoSG Orel Dissects Russell Martin

SoSG Orel was one of five Dodgers bloggers to weigh in on the 2009 slump of Russell Martin, and what it might mean for the Dodgers in 2010:

“Orel”, Sons of Steve Garvey

Martin still had a strong defensive season in 2009 while guiding the Dodger pitching staff to the playoffs. If the Dodgers were serious about replacing him, they would have acquired another everyday catcher by now — Brad Ausmus or A.J. Ellis isn’t going to catch 140 games. It appears management values Martin’s catching skills enough to allow him to prove his batting in 2009 was a fluke.

MSTI, VSIMH, and a couple of other non-acronymed sites also opined; click the link above for full details.


Orel said...

Thanks, Sax. I also did a Jon Garland quote earlier.

Roberto Baly said...

It's the J. Martin curse :)

Orel said...

Loved your quote, Roberto!

Eric the Ice King said...

I just hope that the aliens that abducted the real Russell Martin can return him and get this J. Martin guy back before Orel dissects him...they'll get even less trade value then... >.<