Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Point

Howard Cole of points out a small incongruity in the Dodgers' minor-league invite of Brian Giles:

Image slash character does matter. The club should've passed on Brian Giles, and it's really, really, really unfortunate that they didn't. Joe Torre's Safe at Home Foundation is all over the domestic violence issue, with a well-publicized fundraiser coming in a matter of days. And here the Dodgers are signing Brian Giles. C'mon, people.

Giles is being sued by his former girlfriend, who alleged he physically abused her, causing her to have a miscarriage. There's a video, and a counter-suit. (Oh, and it runs in the family.)

Nice get, Howard. Torre may be secretly hoping Giles has a rotten spring so there won't be any awkward questions during the season.


rbnlaw said...

Knew I didn't like Giles for more than just being an ex-Pod.