Monday, February 22, 2010

Camelback Sights & Notes

Present meets past: Jonathan Broxton and Eric Gagne (who was given his old number 38 — guess winning a Cy Young has its privileges).

Hiroki Kuroda faces the Japanese press. According to Josh Rawitch, Japanese media covering Kuroda outnumbered American media members combined.

Brad Ausmus in mid-season form.

Ramon Ortiz and Russ Ortiz. Sigh.

Random notes:

  • Like a woman who keeps forgetting to take the pill, Ronald Belisario is late. Again. From @dylanohernandez:
    Colletti on Belisario being late to camp: "At this point in his life, he needs to be worried about it more than we do."

    That may have worked last year, when he was under the radar. This year? There are expectations.

  • It's official: Gagne admits to taking HGH. From "Is it really Game Over for Eric Gagne?" by T.J. Simers at the LA Times:
    "You were using HGH, weren't you?"

    "I did," he says. "I hate to talk about it. It just doesn't do anyone any good. But I thought it would help me get better when I hurt my knee. I just don't want that to sound as an excuse.

    "I'm so ashamed. It wasn't smart. If I knew what I know now. . . . I didn't need it. I regret it so much, just now maybe getting over the guilt. It was stupid."

    Er, about that Cy Young....

  • Need a laugh? From @camelbackranch:
    RT @ChiTribSports: Andruw Jones "i'm the best CF you have here." J Cora: "you should. only pitchers and catchers are here."

    Nice work, Alex Cora's brother!

1: Inside the Dodgers; 2, 3, 4: Jon SooHoo/Dodgers


Josh S. said...

"Present meets past"

More like "new hotness" meets "old and busted".

Kyle Baker said...

Context: HGH is not a steroid and was not illegal in baseball at the time.

Not making excuses, and I do hold Gagne accountable for his actions. But some context is in order if his Cy Young is being called into question.

Josh S. said...

On another note, I'm so goddamn excited to see Dodger uniforms again that I don't even care that they're being worn by a bunch of washed-up has-beens.

Kyle Baker said...

So Manny has said this is his last year as a Dodger. Fine. Let's get a great year out of him and avoid all the endless speculation and distraction it would bring if he hadn't said the obvious.

Eric Karros said...

I like Manny's quote, "From the waist down, I feel 15, from the neck up, I feel 43."

What about your torso??

Kyle Baker said...

I would have guessed the other way around with Manny: 15 in his head and 43 in his legs.

No word yet on his torso.

Nostradamus said...

Will Leitch just posted a nice little piece on the local squad, for those who haven't dropped by deadspin this morning.

Josh S. said...

If Gagne introduces Broxton to HGH, we'll get this.

koufax said...

havent commented in a while, between losing in the nlcs and the whole mccourt divorce broohaha, i needed a few months to recover.

just wanted to say its nice that russ ortiz could show up to camp with his fat gut still intact. if he makes the team with his 80 mlb fastball im not going to be happy.

StolenMonkey86 said...

Gagne looks thinner, but that's probably because he's in the picture with Broxton.

Kyle Baker said...

It's kinda like skinny girls always hanging out with a fat friend to help make them look thinner.

Nostradamus said...

I think that's what is going on in the last photo, as well. It makes me feel like Ramon Ortiz sucks way less.

Rob said...

I love the "corner the market on Ortizes" photo.

Rob said...

just wanted to say its nice that russ ortiz could show up to camp with his fat gut still intact. if he makes the team with his 80 mlb fastball im not going to be happy.