Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dodgers Sign Reed Johnson as Pinch Beard?

This piece of art is from the illustrated Cubs blog Cubby-Blue.

Casey Blake's face as smooth as a baby's bottom? No problem, says Ned Colletti.

Dodgers sign Johnson to one-year contract (Dodgers.com)

"Reed is a versatile outfielder that comes to the ballpark ready to play every day," said Colletti in what has to be one of the faintest praises ever. Colletti seems to be continuing his break-down-the-door policy for Dodger farmhands by signing the 33-year-old Johnson, while 29-year-old Jason Repko and 24-year-old Xavier Paul see their chances of winning an Opening Day roster spot get slimmer. And, as Jon Weisman notes, the Johnson signing makes the Dodger bench heavily weighted towards right-handed hitters.


Greg Zakwin said...

Oh my god, he comes ready to play every day!

So does every other player.

And Paul comes prepared and able to play better.

Much, much better.