Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Small Glimpse Into the Rival Mindset

Mrs. Orel and I spent the holidays traveling the Bay Area and Central Coast (capsule review: It's beautiful!). We encountered other traveling couples, and had this chat with a nice foursome finishing their dinner next to us at a Monterey Bay seafood restaurant:

Mrs. Orel [after a polite inquiry regarding prawn-head eating etiquette*]: Did I overhear you say you were Giants fans?

man [indicating himself and his wife]: Actually, we're Dodger fans—

Mrs. Orel: Oh! [indicating me] He runs one of the biggest Dodger blogs!

man [visibly unimpressed]: Yeah, we grew up in L.A. [indicating lady across the table]. Now, she's a Giants fan.

lady across the table: But we won't get into that. Let's just say we'd trade you Brian Sabean to get back Ned Colletti back any day.

Before I could say "Jason Schmidt," they bid farewell. And I realized some Giants fans miss Colletti. (Okay, at least one does.) Despite Colletti's mixed performance as Dodgers GM, it took Sabean to make me see we could be worse off. Thank you, friendly Giants fan!

*Turns out you don't eat them, thank goodness.

photo by SoSG Orel


Steve Sax said...

It wasn't ama ebi you were eating?

Dusto_Magnifico said...

Uncle Ned is still one of the 5 worst easily.


Orel said...

I am trying to be optimistic here. New year's resolutions and all that.