Saturday, January 02, 2010

Poll: Pac-10 Pride?

Which most recent post-season was more embarrassing for the Pac-10?
'08-'09 Basketball (5 of 6 teams eliminated first weekend)
'09-'10 Football (2-5 bowl record)
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Kyle Baker said...

How 'bout them Hogs?!!!!!!!

Orel said...

Congrats on winning the AutoZone Liberty Bowl!

Xeifrank said...

By bowl games, do you mean exhibition games? :)
vr, Xei

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...


Wait a minute...

Kyle Baker said...

Way to bring me down, fellas!

I'll just sit around and wait for the Yankees, Lakers, and Roger Federer to win again soon so I don't have to follow this other little league stuff.

Unknown said...

Los Angeles teams from the Pac-10, 2-0. I don't know what you are even talking about.

Nostradamus said...

Speaking of little league, congrats to Leeds U!

rbnlaw said...

@Mr. C.
Leeds win sends the Kaiser Chiefs into nirvana. They're now my favorite team in the Cup (behind Arsenal of course).

As for Pac-10 embarrassment; nothing beats last year's Tournament. Bowl games, if not the Rose Bowl or BCS championship, are for shite. That said, UCLA's victory in the monumental Eagle Bank Bowl ranks in the top 10 all time victories for the Bruins.

Kyle Baker said...

Who put the ball in the back of the net? Half of friggin' Chelsea! 5-0 over the mighty Watford.

Nice match, ManUre! One of the few times I'll ever support Leeds - when they're playing MU.

Gunners looking good these days. Chelsea looking nervously in the rearview mirror.

Mr. C - I do feel for you. Reading?

RB and Mr. C: FSC had 2001 FA Cup final on this morning between Liverpool and Arsenal. Fun to remember (not that I fondly remember Martin Keown).

Orel said...

Reading, watching TV, movies, that sort of thing.

Nostradamus said...


At least they got the equalizer across, so we'll have another chance to railroad Reading next Wednesday.

Frankly, it's looking like a bit of a lost season for the reds, so I can't say that I'm really surprised. So it goes for all fans at some time or another. Those lads just aren't snapping out of it.

Kyle Baker said...

@ Mr. C
cc @RB
cc @Karina

Missing Xabi Alonso, indeed. Same way Gunners sorely missed Vieira when he left, same way ManUre missed Becks when he left. Same way Chelsea miss Essien when he's out.