Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Your SoSG Thanksgiving Turkey: Drew McCourt Attempts To Bend Laws of Time and Space

In honor of Thanksgiving, we at Sons of Steve Garvey want to show you the latest marketing mistake of bumbling Drew McCourt, son of Frank McCourt and nepotistically placed "Vice President of Business Development" of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Little Drew was also the "Director of Marketing" when he oversaw the stadium giveaway of a fleece blanket commemorating the Dodgers' six championships--then proceeded to stitch the wrong World Championship years into ~40,000 blankets (see 4/27/05).

So what other turkeys did Drew McCourt leave in his Marketing wake? Witness the 2006-2007 Dodgers team calendar, given away at the beginning of the season and sponsored by Panda Express. Here's the cover:

Now that we're at the end of 2007 and on the last page, I'm faced with the smiling mug of deposed Dodgers manager Grady Little:

But wait, Grady isn't even the biggest turkey associated with this calendar! Witness yet another breach in the time-space continuum, as Drew McCourt ends November on a Friday, and starts December on a Sunday:

What do we do with that Saturday, November 31st, Drew? Or is this just your way of getting an extra day of partying for New Year's Eve (now on a Tuesday, but just for you, Drew!). I realize printing team calendars may be tricky sometimes, but this just goes to show you: When Dodger Stadium marketing goes horribly awry, there's usually a turkey named Drew McCourt close by.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Orel said...

I think SoSG just got removed from the McCourt family Xmas card list.

Rob said...

Not being at work, I couldn't say with any authority, but wasn't Steve Finley on the 2005 calendar? Seriously, it seems like the official calendars have just an amazing list of problems, inevitably picking out players on one-year deals who weren't doing well and obviously weren't going to come back the next year. Also, they have random and non-team-specific events in baseball history on each day. I could do a better job.

Orel said...

Then I hope Kemp and Loney aren't on next year's calendar.

Steve Sax said...

Well, I don't know if I would have called Christmas and Kwanzaa random events...but if they were listed on the wrong days, perhaps. But just for the curious, here's the rundown of the rest of the picture subjects:

October 2006, team photo (with Lugo, Maddux, Gagne, Drew, and Werth)
Nov 2006, Nomah
Dec 2006, Gagne/Maddux (Cy Young winners)
Jan/Feb 2007, Drew
Mar 07, Penny
Apr 07, Kent
May 07, Martin
June 07, Ethier
July 07, Lowe
August 07, Billingsley
Sept 07, Furcal
Oct 07, Saito/Broxton/Tomko

So from March onward, all of those guys were 2007 Dodgers (Tomko, unfortunately). Kemp and Loney are still due...let's hope they end up on the Dodgers' calendar next year and not the Marlins'.

Eric Karros said...

Man that would totally suck if Friday ran right into Sunday every week

Bob Timmermann said...

I mentioned this calendar snafu to people earlier and they all I thought I was crazy!

God Bless Tommy Lasorda said...

how the team builds the calendar has nothing to do with how they build the team. the dodgers are moving in the right direction - you have to believe.

Steve Sax said...

GBTL (too bad it's not Lasorda Tommy, btw),

Exactly what moves are giving you faith? I don't see any moves whatsoever--at least, not by this LA team.

Orel said...

I mentioned this calendar snafu to people earlier and they all I thought I was crazy!

But did you have photographic evidence? With an incriminating circled red question mark?

God Bless Tommy Lasorda said...

steve - baseball teams arent built overnight. staying with the kids and adding the right veterans/stars to the mix is key. torii is 32 years old and has already played his best games - so i don't see how giving him a bunch of money when he will be 32, 33, 34, 35, wise. With another year of experience, this team will bond and avoid the late season swoons. what they really need to focus on is getting the most out of what they have - meaning longer at-bats, better baserunning and more consistent defense.

joe torre will instill the sense of team and that will lead us to the next level as an organization.

you must believe.

Steve Sax said...

GBTL, just how wise do you think the signing of Juan Pierre to a five-year contract was?

Hunter may not be worth 5/$90, but Pierre isn't worth 5/$45 either.

It would be easier to believe in the Dodgers if they had a history of wise moves in their past. Which they don't.