Thursday, August 13, 2009

Five Character Guys

We worship ballplayers who put up big numbers, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to find those who don't let on-field success go to their heads. In an era when players regularly disappoint us and themselves, a few players stand out for their character:

1. Curtis Granderson, Tigers. Humanitarian. Blogger. All-around great guy. How can you not be a fan of Curtis Granderson?

2. Jimmy Rollins, Phillies. If nothing else, this video shows Rollins and teammate Ryan Howard have a great sense of humor.

3. Clay Zavada, Diamondbacks. His path to the majors alone contains more hardship than some players encounter in their entire careers.

4. Joe Beimel, Rockies. I know, Joe Beimel? We had a front-row seat for his troubles, but his turnaround has been heartening.

5. George Sherrill, Dodgers. Yes, the Dodgers have a character guy. See what Dodger broadcaster Eric Collins has to say about him and see if you don't agree.

(hat tip: Big League Stew)


rbnlaw said...

Sherrill went to Austin-Peay. They have my favorite cheer:
"Let's go Peay!!"

rbnlaw said...

Also, isn't Gagne pitching for Quebec City? Maybe there's hope.

JuanLove said...

Curtis Granderson is awesome. he was on tbs last year as a playoffs in studio analyst. easily the best baseball analyst i've ever heard.

Greg Zakwin said...

rbnlaw- Gagne is a pitcher/coach for the Quebec Capitales of the Can-Am League.

Via the team's website, EG's pitched 74.1 innnigs, K/BB of 38/22 with an ERA of 4.60

rbnlaw said...

I knew it had Quebec in the name. Gagne's numbers: no bien.