Saturday, August 22, 2009

Post-Game 124 Thread: Floaters and Moon Shots


Charlie Haeger: 7.0 IP, 0R, 7K, first win as a Dodger.

Matt Kemp: 449-foot home run in the second inning.

photos by Jon SooHoo/Dodgers


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

That took a while.

Orel said...

SF 6, COL 10, bot 7. Rockies are the comeback kids!

Alex Cora said...

Did Kemp's HR actuallly go OUT of dodger stadium? Anyone know?

Kyle Baker said...


From where I was sitting along 1st base field level, it looked like it landed in the second deck up, above Mwood. But then I just read that it actually went a bit right of that, and over the bullpen.

I thought that fuckin thing would never land; they played the disco lights bit and had time to change a few bulbs before the HR had even landed.

Shit be scary. I had to fan myself.

Kyle Baker said...


Cal Tech scientists drinking in the pub I'm at have just confirmed that Kemp's HR is now the 10th planet, orbiting the sun and developing its own gravitational pull.

Kyle Baker said...

Watching SF v Colorado, I have to ask myself if it's even fair to have a ballpark at this altitude. 14-11 and damned near every run has come off a dinger.

Kyle Baker said...

Great point from the Dodgers website:

"In games started by pitchers other than Chad Billingsley, Clayton Kershaw, Randy Wolf or Hiroki Kuroda, the Dodgers are 20-12. That's a .625 winning percentage, a better result than when the top four start. In addition to Haeger, the fifth starters have been Eric Stults, Jeff Weaver, James McDonald, Eric Milton and Jason Schmidt."

rbnlaw said...

I'm all for the Red Rocker getting the 5th spot until he shows cracks. Meanwhile the Rox and the Gnats can take turns beating the shit out of each other.

Oh, the family BBQ was pretty cool despite the fact the game wasn't on. Good food, and I found the Bud in the ice. Almost had to drink Coronas, and I wouldn't wish that on Angel fans.

Kyle Baker said...


Good god, man, I can't believe you were that close to the Corona brink. You can always send out a bat signal or something if that happens again. Scares me just thinking about it,

But what's up w the lame family not having Los Doyers on the telly? Thankfully there's no way my old man-in-law would be caught dead not watching the game, so I'm golden on that front.

Ken said...

@ DB

well Manny, Kemp, and Ethier can have a field day at colorado

Unknown said...

Haha, it's usually Loney having a field day at Colorado. Hopefully he can break out of his slump there.

Kyle Baker said...

Can't let this HFYPGT end without pointing out a couple of my fav moments of the day.

1) O Dawg hugging the little cancer-stricken kid before the game, during the daily kids-come-out-with-the-starters bit. O was clearly moved, and after the kid ran off the field, he crouched on 2nd and was visibly shaken by the moment. Props to Dodgers for continuing the Think Cure fundraiser, and props to O for making a little kid's day.

2) Great crowd in the Yard today, except for the lame Cubs fans right in front of me. In the last inning, Soriano was up and I heckled by saying "Mow him down like it was last October!" as Soriano was the last, pitiful out of the NLDS sweep in Oct. The Cubs lame-o in front of me turned around and said "Call me when you get a real stadium." I said, "Holla back when you get a World Series trophy. 1908, bitch."

But anyway, the crowd did give Haeger a solid standing ovation when he exited; powerful stuff from the field level today.

Crusty, out...

JBJ-1138 said...

tell me im not the only one whose seen this!!!

NicJ said...

Padilla won his rehab start tonight. 5 innings, 2ER, on a handfull of hits. No hiroki, but I guess he will do.

He isn't gonna get an easy first start over there in Colorado.

rbnlaw said...

LULZ at the Cubbie fan with the "stadium" schtick. Is that really the best the lame-o could come up with? They call Wrigley a stadium?
It's more like a sandlot with ivy and wind.

I went to a Dodgers/Cubs game last year and found the Cubbie fans to be the most insufferable of all visitors. Sort of like me at Anaheim Stadium.

JBJ-1138 said...


the disgruntled cubs fan knew he couldnt harshly comment on the game at hand because it would be impossible the cubs to win a game in LA so he tried going below the belt and cheap shot the stadium but i think chavez ravine is CLASSIC.
wrigley reminds me of those old b&w films during wartime where the speed is set to fast and things look laughable...

but as far as the insufferable-ness ..(not a word)
... you have more patience then i, for i could never step foot in the halo's stompin ground. besides there city/name changes their field and dugout is too cluttered with all that flair it makes me sick inside

rbnlaw said...

What, you don't like fake rock formations, fountains, and fireworks after each HR?

I live about a mile from the stadium, so going to see the Dodgers in my backyard is a must. Otherwise, I loathe the place as much as you do.

They do have cheap beer.