Saturday, August 29, 2009

Recommended Reading

We're spoiled with Vin Scully, but it's good to know there are other inspiring MLB announcers out there:

Tampa Bay's Enrique Oliu has a great ear for color (Kevin Baxter, LA Times)


Nostradamus said...

Pretty amazing.

Sauerkraut said...

I say we start work on an automated VinScully-O-Matic.

It will hold every word,every carefully and virtuously mouthed word that has every come out of Vins soul.

That way, we wont have to listen to Monday when Vin, i know it sucks to think about, either retires, or you know....

We will never have to hire another Eric Collins ever again. Just use the Scully-O-Matic. I mean, he's must have said every word in the dictionary and then some while on the air.

Eric Karros said...

That is indeed pretty amazing. Maybe umping is his next step.