Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Several Suitors Sniffing Out Smoltz

And I'm not talking about Joseph Abboud, Hugo Boss, and Ermenegildo Zegna (who by the way really should be a baseball player with a name like that, just to torment Jon Miller). No, the Dodgers are apparently right in the thick of things, along with the Marlins, Cardinals, and Rangers, vying for the veteran who can't handle lefties this year:

Whatever team decides to acquire [John] Smoltz would be on the hook for the pro-rated amount of the major league minimum. In addition, Smoltz would get the rest of his $5.5 million salary from the Red Sox.

The 42-year-old right-hander signed with the Red Sox last January after two decades with Atlanta, where he was a Cy Young Award winner and eight-time All-Star. Smoltz was particularly memorable in the postseason, going 15-4 with four saves and 2.65 ERA.

That record prompted Boston to sign take a chance and sign him to a one-year contract, knowing he couldn't pitch immediately as he recovered from right shoulder surgery.

He never really made it back.

After eight starts with the Red Sox, Smoltz was 2-5 with an 8.32 ERA. General manager Theo Epstein flew to New York on Aug. 7 to give Smoltz the word in person that he was being designated for assignment. The team had until Monday to trade, release or send him to the minors.

I know we're short on pitchers, but is Smoltz the answer? Debate has raged in our Game Threads of late, but after Charlie Haeger's admirable knuckler performance last night, which for just two home runs would have otherwise been (and should have been, given the offense Dodger fans are used to) a winning outing, is this the move we should be making (relative to another pitcher, or even a better pinch-hitting bat off the bench)? I don't know if this is worth $5.5M just to kick the tires on a car that looks pretty kicked to begin with.

On the other hand, that's only 367K parking fees (or roughly 8 games worth of parking revenue). Hmm.


koufax said...

it would be for the prorated league minimum. the red sox are on the hook for the 5.5 million. i am for this.

rbnlaw said...

E-mail sent.

Just say "No" to Smoltz. . .and drugs.

karina said...

I guess all those teams are looking for successful postseason experience. Maybe with the right coaching and his experience, he can effective with lefties again.

Steve Sax said...

By gum, you're right, Koufax! For the league minimum this does seem more interesting...

Greg Zakwin said...

I'd give him a shot if he was willing to go to the bullpen, considering someone else there is bound to be hurt at some point. Thanks Joe.

I've also heard rumors on Vicente Padilla. Colletti is clearly stupid enough to go that route though. Let's all pray someone stops him before he can make that call.

drewdez said...

I say it's worth taking a flyer on Smoltz for a quarter season's worth of the league minimum. If he's really done, it's only about $100k down the drain (roughly 1/360th the cost of the Andruw Jones debacle). I've got to think he's got much more upside than Padilla.