Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smoltz Allegedly Likes The Color Red

Which is why he's moved from the Braves (red as an accent color) to the Red Sox, and now "is strongly leaning toward the Cardinals", rather than the Dodgers (who have very limited red on their uniforms).

John Smoltz is "strongly leaning" toward signing with the St. Louis Cardinals, two major league sources with direct knowledge of his negotiations told Tuesday night.

Smoltz has told friends he will decide on a team Wednesday, once his release waivers expire and he officially becomes a free agent. However, all indications were that he will choose the Cardinals over a group of pursuers that includes the Los Angeles Dodgers, Florida Marlins and Texas Rangers.

The Cardinals would like Smoltz to pitch out of the bullpen as a set-up man for closer Ryan Franklin. And while Smoltz has told clubs he would prefer to start, he has apparently decided St. Louis is the best fit.

However, it's possible Smoltz will not immediately return to the bullpen. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, citing multiple sources, said Smoltz will join the Cardinals as a fifth starter.

The 42-year-old right-hander's preference is to pitch in the National League. And he is close with both Mark DeRosa and Adam Wainwright, two former Atlanta Braves teammates who are now with the Cardinals. Both have been actively recruiting Smoltz over the last few days.

If former Brave Rafael Furcal isn't matching DeRosa and Wainwright by putting in his own time recruiting Smoltzie, I suppose this is a signal we don't want him after all? Signs point to Vicente Padilla, no?


drewdez said...

It's apparently a done deal.

Oh well. Now we just have to hope Colletti can resist the urge to sign Estaban Loaiza, I mean Vicente Padilla.

Paul said...

Can they suit him up tonight to face Ethier?

Smoltz might be a nice late season addition for the Dodgers after all.

Fred's Brim said...

and Clayton's sick now too? is his locker near Matty's?

rbnlaw said...

Did Landon Donovan visit the Dodger clubhouse recently?

Josh S. said...

"Did Landon Donovan visit the Dodger clubhouse recently?"

It's to make Padilla feel welcome.

rbnlaw said...

@Josh S.
Ha, forgot he was also a victim. wonder if he took any corner kicks at Azteca?

Padilla's WHIP is 1.5 and his SO/Walk ratio is 1.4. With the Rangers scoring almost at will, he's only 8-6. Do we need him that badly, or could we just give Stults and Haeger another shot?

Steve Sax said...

Heard that Charlie did indeed earn another shot, based on his performance Monday...

karina said...

Just saw a tweet from the LA Times sports section, it says it's a deal.