Monday, August 24, 2009

Poll: Code Purple

Three games against the Rox this week! How will we do?

  • Sweep! 3-0.
  • Series win! 2-1.
  • Series loss! 1-2.
  • Get swept! 0-3.

Give us your answer in our sidebar poll. And here's the results from last week's poll:

It was close, but most of you think it's hate mail. I guess we've arrived!


Fred's Brim said...

Cliff Lee won again today. He's turning into this year's CC Sabathia. I hope the Fils flame out the way the Brew Crew did last year.

How much did we offer to get Cliff?

Wesley Vento said...

The pitching match ups favor the Dodgers slightly, which is why I voted a 2-1 series win.

Kershaw vs Hammel: advantage Kershaw if he can settle into the game. If the Rockies get to him early, it will be ugly. Advantage: Kershaw (slight)

Wolf vs Fogg: Our most consistent, and I'll go ahead and say it, MVP of the pitching staff, versus a spot starter out of the bullpen. He ain't no Weaver (LOL). Wolf = a lock.
Padilla vs De La Rosa: nobody knows about Padilla yet, and its not to anyone in blue's advantage that he's debuting at Coors. That said, De La Rosa is terrible against the Dodgers in his career. 7.89 ERA, 2.06 WHIP, .341 BAA with 3 HR allowed. Advantage: push

It could easily be a sweep for the Dodgers if Padilla is decent and De La Rosa's track record vs the Dodgers stays the same, AND if Kershaw is the good Clayton, not the wild, erratic, bad Clayton.

rbnlaw said...

Nice analysis, HLACK. I just like the fact that we avoid the Marquis de Sade this time around.

Fred's Brim said...

I don't think Clayton can survive a 5 walk outing here (as he hopefully learned in April). He got away with those before by only giving up a hit or two. You can't count on limiting the Dingers to only a few hits. Our defense will need to be sharp too. We don't need the great plays, we just have to make all of the plays we should make

My September nerves have come a week early!

Wesley Vento said...


Lee pitched his 192nd inning today, with 6, maybe 7 more starts for Lee the rest of the way. If he's averaging 7.1 IP per start, he should be between 230 and 240 IP before the post season. CC burned out last year, and the year before with the Indians after throwing 240 + innings those years (253 in '08!). Lee hasn't pitched more than 220 in his career, so he might just flame out come October.

(HLACK is bored at work today)

drewdez said...

By the way, with all the scrambling to find a fifth starter and to fill Kuroda's spot, has anyone noticed that it's been more than two full weeks since the Dodgers have allowed more than four runs in a game?

Now if they could just remember how to hit...

Paul said...

my head is saying 2 of 3, my blood pressure is saying 1 of 3 and my heart is saying SWEEP and leave the Rockies lifeless with their inquisitive purple fossil!! Oh and the triceratops as well!

Kyle Baker said...


I am imposing a "No Talking about the Mascot" rule in my household for the series against the Rox. Despite how hardcore of fans that my wife and sis-in-law are, there is still way too much chit chat about the mascot during the game whenever they see that giant purple piece of shit hanging out in latter innings behind home plate.

Kyle Baker said...

Thx for breaking it down, HLACK.

Paul said...


Doesn't the head spin on that thing? I remember when the Rockies went on to kill the Dodgers in Sept of 07 I was totally freaked out by that thing. I swear it was looking at me through the TV.