Friday, August 21, 2009

George Sherrill Signing

I just happened to be in the Burbank area today and noticed through Vin Scully Is My Homeboy that George Sherrill was signing at Staples. I thought I actually saw Roberto leaving - red car, right? There was a good number of people already there and we jumped in line. The line moved quickly though. I heard from other people that they actually did NOT have pens for him to sign with for the first 50 people. Mind you this is STAPLES, the Office Superstore. Just go down aisle three and rip open some pens, guys! I met some great people in line too. One guy takes pictures at games and had this great shot of Loney sliding home against the Cardinals from this past series. Also met JR from JR collectibles, who was really nice.

Sherrill was really nice (and he wasn't wearing his MC Hammer pants). I asked him if he liked Los Angeles and he said he did. He actually seemed pretty nervous and was shaking when signing my ball. Outside, they had the Dodger ticket truck and a pitching net with a Russell Martin cutout in the back. The truck was all pimped out inside with a leather Dodger chair and and Xbox with two TVs on the outside. I asked where Snoop Dogg was and the security guy said that HE was actually the first person to drive the truck. Finally, I saw Jon SooHoo there and made sure to tell him that he takes absolutely great pictures - to which he smiled and said thanks. Overall was a fun (and hot) time. Hope Sherrill doesn't get a cramp from all the autographs - we may need him tonight! Go Blue!


Kyle Baker said...

He was probably all nervous and giddy to be meeting a SoSG.

How was his brim?

Alex Cora said...

Ha! Yeah, I was sort of offended when he didn't ask me for my signature. He he he. Oh, and he wasn't wearing a hat - going with the bald look.

rbnlaw said...

I do like the fact that Brad Penny was in line for a sig before his awesome start vs. the Yanks this evening.

Roberto Baly said...

Red car? Are you stalking me? lol

Show your face Alex Cora !!

Yeah, that was me :)

Falling LEAVes said...

lol uhh... the ball in the picture is upside down. lol don't worry. when I got a ball signed by George for my friend, it took me a moment to realize which way was up. I looked at his autograph in my scrapbook to see what it was supposed to look like

Alex Cora said...

Yeah, this guy's autograph is atorcious. Can't sign worth a lick, but knows how to save a game!