Monday, August 17, 2009

Poll: Compliment or Insult?

We get mail....

At which institution are you people incarcerated ?

Compliment or insult? Cast your vote in our sidebar poll!

And the results from our previous poll:

It was a rough week for the Dodgers and their fans, but it looks like most of us are keeping the faith. And we'll need it, with Albert Pujols and Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright and the rest of the Cardinals coming to town. But at least we're back home.

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Kyle Baker said...

Currently incarcerated at Chavez Ravine Maximum Security Penitentiary for Men, prisoner #42.

I was innocent, I tell ya!

MR.F said...

When I voted, there were 2 votes for "Compliment" and 0 votes for "Insult." Now look at it!