Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Call!

So we have one last open spot for the upcoming SoSG Mystery Competition. First one to comment gets the spot.

Tomorrow I'll reveal what the competition is, and Tuesday it begins. Stay tuned. And here's who's filling the other 29 spots:

  1. Fred’s Brim
  2. rbnlaw
  3. Dr. Geek
  4. SoSG EK
  5. J Steve
  6. Loney Fan
  7. QuadSevens
  8. Mr. Customer
  9. John G
  10. Josh S
  11. Dusty Baker
  12. Gagne’s lucky glasses
  13. Lauro
  14. neeebs
  15. karina
  16. Wicks
  17. Paul
  18. Keven C
  19. drewdez
  20. Dusto
  21. SoSG Orel
  22. Matt
  23. Danielle
  24. SoSG Sax
  25. djansson
  26. MLASF
  27. Felix Pardalis
  28. UBragg
  29. BruceAlmighty


GK Larsen said...

I'd love to play, so count me in if the spot is still open.

rbnlaw said...

No HLACK? Too late now.

Eric Karros said...

Ok, gk larsen gets the last spot. Until tomorrow...

MR.F said...

Oh when did this happen? I've been on a business trip.

Eric Karros said...

sorry least you can watch the bloodshed from a safe distance.

Orlando Zepeda said...